Wow, take a look at these gorgeous turtle photos!

These beautiful shots of a Loggerhead turtle were taken by Sandro on April 25 while diving with the Nichols family at La Francesa Reef.  These are 2 of the best photos I’ve ever seen.  Apparently he was so calm, he let Sandro close enough to take these pictures without using telephoto!  Loggerheads are one of 3 different kinds of turtles found in Cozumel (the others are Hawksbill and Green turtles).  This sea turtle lives in all but the most frigid waters of our oceans.  Loggerheads are the largest of all hard-shelled turtles.  Adult males can grow up to 3 feet long, and weigh 250+ pounds.  Mature females often return to the place where they hatched to lay their own eggs, sometimes covering thousands of miles to get there.   They can be recognized by their reddish-brown shell, massive head and strong jaws.  They are primarily carnivores and can be seen eating jellyfish, conch, crabs and even fish; but occasionally they will eat the flora too. Unfortunately,  these turtles have been an endangered species since 1978 due to pollution, trawling, and development of their nesting areas.   We hope you enjoyed these pictures and learning a little about this lovely creature.


About Blue Magic Scuba

Blue Magic Scuba provides their guests with a unique “Valet” dive experience. We set-up your equipment, help you gear-up and when the dives are over, we take it to our shop and rinse, dry and prepare it for the next day’s dive, leaving you to enjoy the rest of your day hassle free!! A true, “Personal Valet Dive Experience” all this and more at no additional cost!! Our fast, comfortable boats get you to the best reefs quickly and comfortably, reefs rarely visited and wonderfully packed with life and unique corals and rock formations. Many times we finish our 1st dive and are on our way to our 2nd dive before anybody else even arrives! All our boats are fully equipped with Marine radios, canopies for shade, towels, bottled water, Fresh Fruits & Snacks, Oxygen and most importantly, professional PADI DiveMasters whose vast local experience guarantees you will have the best possible dive. Additionally, Blue Magic Scuba offers exciting Hotel and Dive Packages at affordable rates.
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