It’s That Season Again!

Hello scuba fans! Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but were back. And guess what else is back? The first Nortes arrived this week with 3 days of port closures – and with them, the first spotted eagle rays of the season appeared!!! It’s October, one of the slowest months of the low season (it’s also my birthday) and so the crew and I went on a special birthday dive today. It was extremely windy when we left the marina, but the port was still open. After a very bumpy 45 minute ride, we reached our first destination, Maracaibo. The goal was to shoot lion fish and make ceviche. We rolled into the still-warm water (82F). The visability was excellent (100’+), the currents gentle, the famous Maracaibo Arch was lush and beautiful, and there were lots of hungry lion fish just waiting to be speared. We surfaced 35 minutes later to even STRONGER winds, and a closed port. The trip back north was much longer and bumpier – nearly 90 minutes – and after reaching Las Palmas (very close to the marina) we geared up, rolled in and 5 minutes into the dive, along came two juvenile spotted eagle rays. I haven’t heard of any sightings yet this season, so these two were quite a surprise. My photos aren’t great (they glide against the current much faster than I could ever swim with it) but we were so excited I just had to get a couple of shots. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift from our beautiful Cozumel Diving Paradise.

The impromptu, post-dive birthday party ensued at the dive shop, where the crew and I shared chicken, cerveza, dive stories and alot of laughter. Enjoy the photos. I’ll keep trying to get better ones, but in the meantime, come on down here all you snow birds, warm up a little this winter, and let’s get wet!

The Three Musketeers

Birthday Girl and her Dive Team

The Whole Motley Crew


About Blue Magic Scuba

Blue Magic Scuba provides their guests with a unique “Valet” dive experience. We set-up your equipment, help you gear-up and when the dives are over, we take it to our shop and rinse, dry and prepare it for the next day’s dive, leaving you to enjoy the rest of your day hassle free!! A true, “Personal Valet Dive Experience” all this and more at no additional cost!! Our fast, comfortable boats get you to the best reefs quickly and comfortably, reefs rarely visited and wonderfully packed with life and unique corals and rock formations. Many times we finish our 1st dive and are on our way to our 2nd dive before anybody else even arrives! All our boats are fully equipped with Marine radios, canopies for shade, towels, bottled water, Fresh Fruits & Snacks, Oxygen and most importantly, professional PADI DiveMasters whose vast local experience guarantees you will have the best possible dive. Additionally, Blue Magic Scuba offers exciting Hotel and Dive Packages at affordable rates.
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2 Responses to It’s That Season Again!

  1. Looks like the Motley crew and you had a great day. I hope I get to see eagle rays on my next visit!!!!!!!

  2. julia cowell says:

    Wow! Those are such a great living creatures underwater. When I scuba dive, I always wanted to play with them. They are so amazing.

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