Surface Intervals, NOT necessarily boring

Surface Intervals: Not necessarily boring!!


As all divers know, a surface interval is an important aspect of each days dives. The surface interval is a necessary evil. Or is it? Is it really evil?

There is no doubt that without a surface interval, there would be no 2nd dive, not to mention no third or fourth dive of the day.  It serves the purpose of letting your body naturally eliminate the excess Nitrogen that it has accumulated during your dive. The longer you stay out of the water, the more nitrogen exits or “off-gases”. But what to do during these surface interval? Rest, obviously, but after an exciting diving if the adrenaline is pumping rest is not on everyone’s mind, what is on most peoples mind is this last dive, and to compare notes about Cozumel Scuba diving or diving in general. What did you see? Did you see how big that (shark, turtle eel or mermaid) was or to  talk about other scuba dives and other locations.

Of course it also depends on where you make your surface interval. Here, after one of our Cozumel scuba dives we usually stop at a beach or beach club. This makes for a great opportunity to stretch out and nap in the sun, or in the shade. To take a walk along the long sandy beach, or just swim or snorkel the shallows and look for interesting life. In all cases, it’s a great opportunity to drink lots of water, enjoy a snack of fresh fruit and cookies or granola bars.

Of course, sometimes the surface interval gets a little more exciting!!

This past week, I had the pleasure of diving with Jeff, Paul and Tim on the Yucab wall where we saw among other things: a tiny juvenile Spotted Drum fish, an octopus, a Splendid Toadfish, a Decorator Crab hiding near an anemone and a young turtle. But the fun and excitement had just begun!! As we approached the Paradise Beach Club for our surface interval all the people at the club were looking at us and pointing excitedly.  We all felt like we were expected and were about to be the guests of honor!! Perhaps our egos got the better of us. But alas, they were pointing in fear at the crocodile that had left its jungle home and invaded “their” turf!! All the swimmers were on the beach, unwilling to go in for fear of becoming lunch.

After about 20 minutes, with two guys on jet skis and a fearless divemaster they were able to corral the beast and grab his tail and pull him out of the water. Turns out that the huge feared beast was nothing more than a young croc who left his jungle home, perhaps for the first time, to see what lurks beyond the great lagoon. After being pulled from the water, wrapped in blankets and tape, our friend was taken by the National Park Rangers back to his home in the jungle covered swamp. You can see photos of this “Surface Interval Adventure” on our Facebook page  as well as our Picasa Album. Another fun and exciting day of scuba in Cozumel with Blue Magic Scuba!!!Image


About Blue Magic Scuba

Blue Magic Scuba provides their guests with a unique “Valet” dive experience. We set-up your equipment, help you gear-up and when the dives are over, we take it to our shop and rinse, dry and prepare it for the next day’s dive, leaving you to enjoy the rest of your day hassle free!! A true, “Personal Valet Dive Experience” all this and more at no additional cost!! Our fast, comfortable boats get you to the best reefs quickly and comfortably, reefs rarely visited and wonderfully packed with life and unique corals and rock formations. Many times we finish our 1st dive and are on our way to our 2nd dive before anybody else even arrives! All our boats are fully equipped with Marine radios, canopies for shade, towels, bottled water, Fresh Fruits & Snacks, Oxygen and most importantly, professional PADI DiveMasters whose vast local experience guarantees you will have the best possible dive. Additionally, Blue Magic Scuba offers exciting Hotel and Dive Packages at affordable rates.
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4 Responses to Surface Intervals, NOT necessarily boring

  1. Diane Darcy says:

    Awesome…let’s hope he stays back in the jungle as he gets bigger and braver!

  2. Sarah Parker says:

    thanks for the crucial information, i was searching the information related to surface information, the acknowledges that you gave here were really beneficial for me.

  3. Greg Bell says:

    Wow, we’ve been to Cozumel Ocean VIP Beach on our last cruise and I think it is almost next to Paradise Beach! Thank you guys for catching that lovely animal we do not really want to see when relaxing near the ocean lol 🙂

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